Christmas Came Early…

No, I’m still pregnant and round. But we did have a new addition to our house this last week.  Everyone, I would like to introduce you to…


….. my new COMPUTER!!!  I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am and also slightly embarrassed that I didn’t make this purchase sooner.  Also embarrased at the number of pictures I have taken since Cameron was born.  I transferred everything over and from 2003 (when I started going digital) to 2010 I had taken 3,000 pics.  From 2010 till now (with the addition of a new camera and iphones) we had over 17,000 pictures.  That being said, the maternity leave plan is to clean those bad boys up and start printing some into year books.

While visiting the mall to pick up the computer, Cameron asked to stop by and see Santa.  I was floored.  This kid has said since October that he doesn’t like Santa, but he was determined so we stood in line and he hopped right up on his lap.  You see, Cameron doesn’t want Santa to come and visit our house for Christmas, he would rather have Willy Warhawk – the mascot for a local University – bring his presents.  That being said, he knows that Santa is part of the supply chain, so he felt the need to stop on in and make sure all bases were covered.

I know that Christmas is a time for giving, but I was not expecting to pay $20 for this picture.  When I pulled out my cell phone to grab an image, I was quickly told that was not allowed and the only way to get a pic was to pay for the cheapest package – two 5x7s for $20.  After seeing this one, I had to have it…but ever since have felt a bit dirty about having to pay for it.  Shouldn’t visiting Santa and capturing a memory be something that doesn’t have a price tag?  I’m getting old.

That being said, I have a present for you.  Because I’m comfortable in who I am as a person, I wanted to share with you one of the other things that is bringing me much happiness this season.  I wont tel you how many times I have watched this.  I’m sure if you know me, you can guess….if you don’t, well here is a peek into my 12 year old mind….

Merry Christmas to all and to ALL a Jordan Knight….