Pinterest Challenge…Done!

First Pinterest Challenge…check!

It was love at first site for me and these glitter magnets I found on Pinterest.  They were originally created by Pugly Pixel and can be found here. These cuties were simple and convenient as I had everything on hand.

Supplies needed:



*Paint Brush

*Glitter (I used Martha Stewart’s fine glitter…see colors below)

*Magnetic Tray

*Small cup (or cupcake liner as used in original post from PuglyPixel) – not shown



This project was so simple that my 3 year old hunkered down and helped me get through these babies in no time!  Seriously, like 10 mins!

I brushed the glue on the top of the magnet, put it face down in a small pile of glitter (in the cup), swish around, and my daughter would pick them out and stick them on the magnetic tray.  Once all magnets were glittered, we took the tray outside, flipped it over, and tapped gently to remove any excess glitter.  Allow to dry.  That’s it!

If you liked this project, show some love to PuglyPixel.

Did you participate in the Winter Pinterest Challenge?  If so, let us know!  If you wanna check out other Pinner’s projects, check out Bower Power and YHL.


  1. Jennifer says

    I did participate too, I am just not sure how to share my photos. I was going to do a stepping stool knock off from Pottery Barn Kids, but I couldn’t find a stool I liked, so I made an Easter bouquet instead. I am also working on a couple of other things, but I think I’ll wait to post those during our April craft theme. Any idea how a reader can post their projects?