Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Your Kids

I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day.  I would so much rather prefer to receive a big bouquet of tulips, lilies or peonies on a random day of the week.  However, that all changed when I had kids.  I can’t help but smother them with all kinds of valentine’s fun.  I do it somewhat selfishly because I get so much joy from watching their faces light up when they wake up to a new surprise.  Since Valentine’s Day is just a week away, I wanted to share a few EASY ideas that you can do for and with your kids to remind them how much they are loved.  Getting mushy on you, sorry! ;)

1.  Valentine’s Day envelopes

image from Pottery Barn Kids via The Crafting Chicks

These envelopes are inspired by Pottery Barn (click here for the tutorial) but can be made (and personalized) for a fraction of the cost.  I made two envelopes with my kids’ initials one night while watching tv.  Each morning, I tuck a new little treat in there.  They love to wake up and run down to see what awaits them and boy, do I hear it if I forget to leave them something! Oops.  Here are some inexpensive treat ideas – hershey kisses, peanut butter cups (ok, these might be more for me!), valentine stickers and tattoos, love notes, etc.

2. Heart-Shaped Food

Image from joann.com

The options are endless – pancakes, donuts, cookies, muffins, etc.  I found the cutest heart shaped pans and cooking accessories at Jo-Ann Fabrics a few weeks ago (on sale!!) and have been putting them to good use.  We’ve made heart-shaped pancakes with the pancake mold, used a cookie cutter to cut a heart shape out of toast for egg “hole in the middle” and a silicone baking pan that I plan to use to make heart shaped muffins.

3. Cookies

image from bakerella.com

Both of my kids love helping me make cookies and with the pink M&M’s, they are perfect for the holiday.  We plan on making a batch and sharing them next week.  The cookie ingredients in a jar is a perfect gift for teachers!

4. Cake Pops

image from lovefromtheoven.com

I shared my “Be My Valentine” pinterest board with my daughter (getting her addicted early!) so she could pick out what she’d like to do for her valentine’s gifts to share at school.  Like mother, like daughter, she loves her cake pops.  We’ll be making these over the weekend for her to bring to school on Monday.

5. Special Dinner

On a recent trip to Costco, I found the cutest red and white heart-shaped cheese ravioli (sorry, no picture).  My kids love pasta so this will be the perfect way to end the day!  I’ve also seen heart-shaped pizzas at local pizza places.

What are your plans to celebrate the holiday of love?


  1. Jennifer says

    Such cute ideas! I’ve bought little Miss Presley some fun treats for the actual day, but I love the envelope idea. She loved our Advent calendar this past Christmas, so I am sure she would love this just as much. One of her gifts I got her is her own little kitchen apron, so I think we’ll pick out a Valentine treat to make together on Valentine’s Day. Happy Heart Day!