Finding The Right Babysitter

So my son is almost 2 1/2 and I can count on one hand the times that we have had someone other than a family member watch him.  I am lucky we have good friends and family willing to step in and help, but I hate asking and don’t want to take them for granted.  I’ve been on a hunt for a good babysitter in our neighborhood for a long time but haven’t had much luck.  Fortunately, I’ve been able to do a bit of research to share with you to find some great babysitter services!

While You Were Out, LLC Babysitter Service

“While You’re Out, LLC provides hourly babysitting services that you can trust in and around the Madison area. Their service  consists of a variety of professionals from the child care industry. Their sitters range from nannies and child care teachers, to assistant teachers, college students, and others in related fields. All sitters go through a rigorous screening, including a thorough phone and personal interview, reference check, criminal background check, and driving record check. Every sitter that is referred is also CPR certified.”

Community Coordinated Child Care

4-C -”The Resource and Referral Department maintains a database of all regulated child care programs within our five county service delivery area (Columbia, Dane, Dodge, Jefferson, and Sauk counties and the Ho-Chunk Nation). Referral Specialists assist parents with their search for early care and education for their children. Information from our database provides parents with a current list of regulated child care professionals that allows parents to locate care to meet their specific needs. 4-C Referral Specialists also provide enhanced referrals to enable single and/or low-income parents to enter AODA outpatient treatment by providing child care funding.”

If you are not in Madison, WI – or even if you are – is a great resource to help widen your search.   Babysitters can go onto the site and list their services, and you can go on and interview the ones you think are a good fit. does standard background checks and now offers enhanced background checks that go a bit deeper in an effort to continually help parents find the safest and most trusted sitters. These checks include all elements of the Standard Background Check, with the addition of an in-person search for felony and misdemeanor criminal records in the county and federal district courthouses.  There is a membership fee but you can try it out free for a week.  AND, since I don’t do much without a coupon, here is a coupon for you!

Coupon Code Details:

  • Coupon Code LOVE25 provides 25% off a parent membership on
  • This promotion code expires 2/29/2012.

You can always post additional requests on Craigs List or the UW Job Board.  Or, if you live in a neighborhood with an association, check with the association to see if they have a list of neighborhood contacts who have offered to babysit or if there isn’t one, could you start one!

What luck have you had with finding babysitters?  And if you have a good one!  Feel free to pass on the love.  This Mama needs a night out!

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