Tulle Bow Gift Wrap

Friends that know me know that I appreciate pretty packages.  One way that I like to wrap my presents is by using tulle ribbon.  Tulle is super cheap from the Hob Lob (always use a coupon!) and there’s a ton of it on the roll.



I start by wrapping it like you might with any other kind of ribbon.  Tie a bow on the top.



 You could stop here, but I like to cut the loops.



From there I use more tulle to make another loop or two to add some fullness.  Cut the loops and trim the tulle. 


Quick and easy!

Oh, and if you don’t have one of these Scotch paper cutters, you’ll need to pick one up the next time you’re out and about.  They’re amazing!  Especially on thicker paper.



What wrapping tricks do you have?  Any fun embelishments that you use?  Has your Great Aunt Bethany ever wrapped her cat up with jello? 

(Scotch is not paying me to say amazing things about their products…just my opinion.)



  1. Michelle says

    So cute! I used your technique on some gift bags I was putting together tonight for Isabella’s teachers. :)

  2. Katie Reynolds says

    Thank you for the great idea!!! I have married into a VERY crafty, DIY family and my skills are….shall we say….lacking. Always looking for easy way to make gifts prettier over the holidays! I have to try and keep up with my in-laws and their to die for wrapping skills!