Toddler Proof Christmas Tree (Pinterest Success!)

Christmas is my favorite time of year!  We’ve been listening to Christmas music in my house since November 1st.  I’m out of control, I know.  Despite my desire to decorate my house right after Halloween, I impatiently respectfully waited until the weekend after Thanksgiving.

My daughter helped me put the lights on our tree.  While I was unpacking boxes, she promptly hung ALL of the (glass) ornaments on the bottom quarter of the tree.  It was very festive.  That is….until nap time ended.  It was then that my sweet toddler man came busting into the toyroom and ornaments began shattering.  I can’t blame him, it was a shiny new toy, right at his eye level.  What’s a curious little guy to do?

And now, we have a beautiful tree with only lights. :)

While perusing Pinterest (hello, addiction), I came across a fabulous idea for a no sew felt christmas tree that can be decorated over and over again.  Who knew that felt sticks to felt and requires no adhesive?!?  I promptly headed to JoAnn Fabrics and bought a yard of bright green felt.  I already had sheets of felt in other colors, so if you don’t, be sure to pick some up for the ornaments.  In the time it took me to watch a show, I cut out the tree and created a handful of ornaments.

Pinterest success!  I adhered it to the wall and my kids have been happily occupied with this bright colored tree…at least for a few minutes at a time.

With my new found knowledge of the magical properties of felt, my creative wheels have been spinning.  I think a felt snowman may be next….I’ll keep you posted.  And have you heard of felt boards?  Oh, the possibilities!

I’m slowly making progress on my holiday project list.  What’s up next for you?

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  1. JenniferR says

    Love this Michelle! I’m going to work on mine this week. I’ve worked with felt before and it never seemed to stick together very well? Maybe I’ll go to JoAnn’s and see if that felt is better.

  2. Michelle says

    New tip this year….I discovered that just one half of a command strip works perfectly to secure this to the wall. Last year, the command strips kept falling off because the adhesive wasn’t sticking to the felt very well. This year, we tried using just one half (the velcro sticks to the felt and the sticky part to the wall) and it worked like magic! Amazing what you discover when you have limited supplies. :)