Helpful Smile In Every Asile

Have you heard, there is a new grocery store coming to Fitchburg!  Hy-Vee…where there is a helpful smile in every aisle.  Can you tell I’m excited? If you cannot, I am. Very. Excited.  But, with that comes the caveot…I’m Madison excited.

You see, as soon as the word spread around the interwebs that Hy-Vee was moving into the Orchard Pointe Shopping center, the wind was instantly taken out of my sails.  The comments were negative – push back to change.  No Madison, it isn’t a co-op, but they are employee owned and will employee 400+ people.  No Madison, it isn’t local, but it will employ local people.  And no Madison, they are not based here, but they are bringing increased revenue into our economy into our communitities and will also provide another full service grocery store that will break out the monopoly of Copps.  No matter what you say Madison, I’m excited for Hy-Vee.

Growing up, this grocery store was more than that for me.  It is where the old farmers would come in for coffee and an awesome fried chicken meal for under $3.  It was a congregating place for community groups to meet.  It was alternative to the only other thing we had in my small town – Village Inn.  It employed my friends in high school who now are managing my local hometown stores and beyond.  They always donated to our school fundraisers.  They took our groceries out to our call – for no additional fee.  For me, it was a quintessential part of small town life.  The idea to have that in a larger town like Madison/Fitchburg makes me so excited.

I don’t care that there are three grocery stores within 5 miles of each other.  What I care about is that a company that I trust, that I know has quality food at competitive prices, is coming into my neighborhood to drive competition.  For me, that will put a smile on my face in their aisle.