Craft Ideas Pinterest Style

It’s true.  I’m addicted to Pinterest.

Its been 2 hours 2 seconds since my last pin.  Please help me.  My husband begs you.  He claims to be a Pinterest widower (and he thought it was bad when I first got the iPhone!)  I start to feel a little panicky, cold sweat, racing heart when I can’t scope out new ideas (or the server is down…..What do you mean I haven’t pinned anything yet?!?)  As if I have tons of free time for projects.

I justify this addiction by committing to try at least one thing from Pinterest a week.  Sometimes, I’m successful.

Like this time…

Sidewalk Chalk Paint!  “Pinspiration” via here.

or this one….

Homemade diaper wipes.  These are amazing! My little guy had terrible diaper rash that would not clear up until we started using these.  These would be a fabulous shower gift for a new mama.

Or this one…

Super easy and fun tutu!  And yes, I know its meant for little kids…what can I say?  Running is a whole lot more fun when you are wearing a tutu. ;)  “Pinspiration” via here.

Sometimes, I’m not as lucky.   Homemade dried strawberries?  Epic fail.  And a ruined baking dish to show for it.

Next up on the Pinterest to do list?

  • Felt Christmas Tree for my babies
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Comparison…seriously, how can so many recipes be THE ONE?  I’m going to find out.  (PS – Madison Mamas, I may need some taste testers? ;)
  • Table fort

I know I’m not alone.  Thanks Pinterest Support Group for being there for me.

What “pinspired” projects are you working on?

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    • Michelle says

      Thanks! Considering I don’t really know how to sew, it will be an interesting project. Let me know if you want to tackle it together! :)