MMoCA for Kids

kids art adventures

If you are looking for something wonderful to do this weekend with your kids, look no further than an INSIDE ACTIVITY downtown at our own Madison Museum of Contemporary Art!  I had absolutely no idea there were activities to do with the kids inside this beautiful space…to be honest, I was mortified to take my [...]

What To Do With All Your Instagram Photos


I do not consider myself a very techie person.  I enjoy my DSLR camera, my photography editing programs, and the occasional new smartphone.  I don’t have a ton of Apps on my phone…I guess it’s because I get a bit lazy.  I stick with what I know and continue on that path.  I use Instagram [...]

Have you used Pic-tap-Go?


One of my favorite hobbies is photography.  I love capturing memories of my family and friend’s families.  I am self taught and have enjoyed every second of it.  I try and take classes here and there and I read A LOT on-line.  It can be an expensive hobby, so I don’t own everything I would [...]

Mama@Work | Amanda Uphoff


Hello! I’m an incredibly grateful single mom of two zany kids; my delightfully dramatic daughter is 9 and my sweet sensitive son is 6. I’m a loving daughter, sister, and friend. I love to read and I’m a huge yoga freak. After discovering yoga, I found the world to be a more beautiful place, both [...]

Mama@Work | Jill Drummond

Jill MAW

Hi, my name is Jill. I am a proud mother of a wonderful little girl, the lucky wife of an amazing husband, a Personal Trainer and Instructor at Harbor Athletic Club and the author of Mission Decorate – a DIY Home Decor Blog. Our life in Madison began in 2010 when my family moved from [...]